Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gail Kim

Gail Kim-fitness

Well we took a departure last time with MMA, so let's move a little further away into the world of pro wrestling.
Even if wrestling is staged, you have to be in shape to take the bumps, bruises and chairshots that wrestlers get every week (and in some cases every night).

So let's start with Gail Kim.
Gail is a Canadian-born pro wrestler, valet, model, and actress of Korean descent.
She has held the Womens Wrestling Championship in both the WWE and TNA.

Before wrestling, Gail participated in basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and badminton, and was named "Athlete of the Year" twice at York Memorial Collegiate Institute in Toronto.
She studied kinesiology at the University of Toronto and nutrition at Ryerson University.

And of course as I mentioned before, Gail was both the WWE Women's Champion and the TNA Women's World Champion.

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