Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Top 8 Asian Fitness Women for November

I thought instead of doing a top ten, I'd do a top eight of the most searched for female fitness competitors, female bodybuilders and female fitness models on this blog last month.
Why not be a little different?
Like I said, some of these women are female fitness competitors, some are certified personal trainers, some are certified personal fitness trainers, some are actresses and there is even one classically trained pianist in the bunch.
But they are all beautiful.
So here are the 8 most searched for Asian fitness women on this blog last month....

rebekah kresila - womens fitness competition1. Rebekah Kresila
Last August, amateur female bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and classical pianist, Rebekah Kresila from Cleveland, Ohio came in at number seven .
Now she has topped the list at number one.

denise paglia - woman fitness competition2. Denise Paglia
Former ESPN fitness beauty, Denise Paglia came in at number three in August, but now she's moved up to number two.

monique minton - female fitness competitions3. Monique Minton
I think I may have featured fitness babe Monique Minton on here more than anyone else.
Three entries and three appearances in the Top Ten lists.
After months of being the number one searched for fitness woman here, she has finally dropped down to number three.

michiko nishiwaki - women's fitness photos4. Michiko Nishiwaki
Former female bodybuilder, powerlifter, actress, certified fitness trainer, stunt woman, martial artist and fight choreographer (whew!) Michiko Nishiwaki comes in at number four.

tanji johnson - women's fitness competition5. Tanji Johnson
Former American Gladiator and IFBB fitness pro Tanji Johnson comes in at number five.

karen pang - female fitness competitor6. Karen Pang
Beautiful Canadian fitness competitor and female fitness model Karen Pang comes in at number six.

jung dayeon - womens fitness7. Jung Dayeon
Korean fitness model, certified personal fitness trainer and fitness expert Jung Da-yeon comes in at number seven.

maria kang - female fitness competitors8. Maria Kang
And rounding out the top eight is fitness model, personal trainer, spokesperson and mom, Maria Kang.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mi-Hee Yu - Korean female bodybuilder

mi hee yu - female fitness competitions

Korean female bodybuilder Mi-Hee Yu is very popular on this blog, so here's some more about her.
As I have mentioned before, this 5' 2½", 112-pound all natural bodybuilder got up to 176 pounds after the birth of her daughter and she wanted to lose weight so she took up bodybuilding.

mi hee yu - women

Here are some videos I found of her across the web.

The first one is of her working out...

Watch Mi-Hee Yu training in Sports | View More Free Videos Online at

And the next two are a couple of posing routines....

Watch Mi-Hee Yu posing in Sports | View More Free Videos Online at

Friday, October 30, 2009

Amrit Dhaliwal - Indian Fitness Model

Amrit Dhaliwal - fitness modeling

Okay, I know this one is a little different, but India is technically part of Asia and I don't have a blog called "Indian Fitness Women" so here is the first Indian fitness model I remember seeing, Amrit Dhaliwal.
Amrit has a lot of nicknames..."The Canadian Corporate Chic", "Punjabi Femme Fatale", "India’s First Fitness Bikini Model" and "Canada’s Best Import".
Again...what are they putting in the water in Canada?
Besides basically doing it all, there's a rumor that the lovely Amrit maybe looking at a Bollywood career.
(Actually I keep seeing her listed as a Bollywood actress, but I can't find any films she has appeared in. Anyone out there have any information on that?)

Here is a video about her posted by NDTV on YouTube:

You can follow Amrit on Twitter here:

Or Facebook here:

Image Hosted by

Amrit Dhaliwal - Indian Fitness Model, posted to on October 30th, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ana Julaton - Filipino-American Female Boxer

Ana Julaton - Filipino-American Female BoxerThis beautiful young lady is Filipino-American female boxer Ana Julaton.
I've done wrestlers, female mma fighters and kickboxers here before, but I think Ana may be the first boxer I've done anything on.
I did do an entry about her a while back on my female boxing blog though.

Ana was born on July 5th, 1980 in San Francisco, California.
Her last fight was a win over Kelsey Jeffries at the HP Pavilion, San Jose, California on Sptember 12th, 2009.
In that bout, Ana made history by becoming the first Filipino-American female boxer to win the International Boxing Association super bantamweight title.
And get was only her fifth professional fight!

Ana Julaton - Filipino-American Female Boxer
You can keep up with Ana at her MySpace page here:

Ana Julaton, posted to, on Sept 24th, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yvonne Bates - Personal Trainer and Fitness Model

Yvonne Bates - asian fitness women

It's been awhile (January actually) since I did anything on the beautiful Yvonne Bates.
So here's another couple of pictures of this lovely Cambodian personal trainer, female fitness competitor and fitness model.
In these, you get some idea of her amazing abs.

Yvonne Bates - hot fitness women

Contest History:

2003 - Short Division, Gold Classic in Kansas City. 1st place, Short Division, NPC in Kansas City. 3rd place, Pro Division, WNBF World Championship in New York - 1st place
2004 - Natural American Classic in Austin, TX. 1st place,
2004 - WNBF Northeast Classic in Worcester, MA. 1st place,
2004 - Natural Caribbean Grand Prix in the Grand Cayman Islands, 2nd place,
2004 - WNBF World Championship in New York City.
2005 - WNBF Pro Natural International and 7th place at the WNBF Pro Natural Northeast Figure Championships, 2nd place
2006 - WNBF Pro Natural Caribbean Figure Championships, 2nd place
2007- WNBF Bluffs Classic Figure Championships and 4th place
2007 - Ms/Mr. International Kansas City Golds Classic

Like I said in an earlier post, you can find out more about Yvonne at her website:

Yvonne Bates, posted to, on Sept 22nd, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fitness Model Min Yung Kim

Min Yung Kim - fitness model

Here's another picture of the beautiful South Korean fitness model Min Yung Kim.
You can really see her arm development here.
The last entry on Min was pretty popular, so I thought another was in order.
As I pointed out last time, not only is Min a fitness model, but she's also a gymnastics instructor and a personal trainer.
And she has appeared in Musclemag International, Ironman, Flex, Muscle and Fitness and Oxygen.

You can also keep up with Min Yung Kim at her Facebook page here:

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Asian Women Wrestlers

If you check out my profile you will see that I do a lot of fitness blogs and wrestling blogs.
Now I know that pro wrestling is scripted, but you take a lot of abuse in and outside of the squared circle. And to do that day in and day out, you have to be in shape.
So I thought today I would combine by love or wrestling and my love of fitness and profile some of today's asian women wrestlers that have made an impact on the industry.
Starting out with....

Gail Kim - asian wrestlers

Gail Kim
Gail has wrestled for the WWE, TNA and some Indy promotions before that.
Gail was always athletic and before wrestling she was into basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and badminton.
She also studied kinesiology at the University of Toronto, and nutrition at Ryerson University.

Lena Yada - asian women wrestlers

Lena Yada
Another young lady that worked for the WWE is the lovely Lena Yada.
Before the WWE, Lena was the first runner-up in the 2002 Ms. Venus Swimwear International pageant, Miss Hawaiian Tropic Japan and she competed in the quarter finals of the 2007 World Title of Tandem Surfing.

angela fong - asian wrestlers

Angela Fong
Angela Fong currently works for the WWE using the ring name "Savannah".
Although Angela is currently working as an interviewer, she has made great progress with her wrestling skills.

Hamada - asian women wrestlers

Ayako Hamada
Now know as simply "Hamada" in TNA, Ayako is the daughter of the legendary Gran Hamada.
Hamada may look a bit out of shape now, but this young lady has been wrestling since her debut in 1998.
And most of that time was in Japan and Mexico, and if you know anything about Lucha Libre or Joshi, you know wrestling is a LOT tougher there.

Su Yung - asian wrestlers

Su Yung
Independent female wrestler Su Yung is making quite a name for herself in Memphis Ladies Wrestling where she is the MLW Champion and 2008 Rookie of the Year.

Sumie Sakai - asian women wrestlers

Sumie Sakai
Sumie is another Indy wrestler that has been around quite awhile and really paid her dues.
She debuted in 1997, and is not only a pro wrestler, but an MMA fighter as well.
Before wrestling, Sumie was into Judo.

Jade Chung - asian wrestlers

Jade Chung
Another Indy wrestler, Jade started out as a valet, but made her way into the ring.
She has worked for Border City Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, the National Wrestling Alliance, Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

IFBB Figure Pro - Akane Nigro Ismeal

Akane Nigro Ismeal - ifbb

Akane Nigro Ismeal is an IFBB Figure Pro.
This 5'1, 110 pound beauty is of Japanese and Italian decent.
Akane is a former softball and soccer player.
She is married to bodybuilder Malik Ismael, who she met at a gym in 2005 and the two became workout partners.
The couple does training and nutritional advice and they offer posing routine and instructional sessions.
You can find out more at their MySpace page here:

Contest History:
2007 NPC California Championships - Figure A, 3rd place
2007 NPC Contra Costa (CA) Championships - Figure A, 2nd place
2007 NPC San Francisco Championships - Figure A, 1st place
2007 NPC Steel Rose - Figure A, 2nd place
2007 NPC Tournament of Champions - Figure A, 3rd place
2007 NPC USA Championships - Figure A

2008 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships - 2nd place

2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships - 1st place
Thanks to her win at the 2009 NPC USA's, Akane is a IFBB Figure Pro.

Akane Nigro - muscle woman

posted to , Sept 4, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Top Ten Asian Fitness Women for August

I missed last month's list of the top ten Asian fitness women, so I thought I'd catch up by starting out with it this month.

1. Monique Minton
The undisputed Queen of this blog is Monique Minton.
This gorgeous half filipinia, half polish fitness model has been number one since March of this year and shows no signs of slacking off.

2. Aki Nishimoto
A distant (but consistant) second is Japanese female bodybuilder Aki Nishimoto.
She's been in the top ten since March and although she hasn't really challenged Monique for the number one slot, she keeps hanging in there.

3. Denise Paglia
A suprise blast from the past, former ESPN beauty Denise went into the top ten last month strong enough to take the number three position.

4. Meriza DeGuzman
Meriza DeGuzman has been featured on this blog twice and she is back into competition, having competeted in the 2009 IFBB Europa Super Show & Supplement Expo and the
2009 IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships.

5. Linda Minard
This Korean actress and fitness model came in at number five.

6. Tomoko Kanda
Tomoko Kanda, another Japanese female bodybuilder, came in at number six.

7. Rebekah Kresila
Amateur bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and classical pianist Rebekah Kresila wound up in the numver seven spot.

8. Lisa Cheng
Another consistant top ten lady, bodybuilder and rock climber Lisa Cheng from China, came in at number eight.

9. Mi-Hee Yu
Former aerobics instructor and Korean female bodybuilder Mi-Hee Yu cam ein at number nine.

10. Natalie Minh
And rounding out the top ten is Vietnamese-American fitness competitor, Natalie Minh.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Denise Paglia

Denise Paglia-fitness trainers

Former ESPN beauty, Denise Paglia seems to be very popular, so how about a couple more pictures of this Japanese and Italian beauty.
This Certified AFAA Fitness Trainer appeared on Fitness Beach, she appeared on Cyberfit and Bodyshaping.
The only thing left now is... where is she today?
She was a writer for Muscle & Fitness Hers at one time and she appeared on cover of the very first issue of that magazine.

Denise Paglia-lady fitness

posted to on August 27th, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Fitness Beauty Monique Minton

Monique Minton-fitness beauties

Of all the the female fitness models I've done on this blog, Monique Minton is hands down the favorite.
This lovely figure competitor and spokes model has scored again, appearing on what I think is her second Flex Magazine cover.
And this five foot, ten inch, one hundred and fifty pound, half filipinia beauty has added to her contest history since my first write up.
In addition to her other figure competitions, you can now add 1st place at the 2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships.
Yes Monique took first place!

What's next for her?
Well I have heard rumors of a possible MMA career.
Over at PureFight they have an interview with Monique after she won a gold medal in the no gi division at Naga Europa.
You can see it here.
Can you imagine Monique Minton in the steel cage?

posted to, August 25th, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Meriza DeGuzman

Meriza DeGuzman-fitness magazine women

Since my last entry on IFBB figure competitor, fitness model and certified personal trainer Meriza DeGuzman, she has racked up a couple more contests.

Meriza DeGuzman-female fitness competitor

2009 IFBB Europa Super Show & Supplement Expo- 3rd place
2009 IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships- 4th place

Meriza DeGuzman-fitness training women

And Meriza also appeared in the March 2009 issue of Flex magazine.

Another thing that I didn't mention in the last write up was that besides visiting her website, you can keep up with Meriza at her MySpace page here:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Jung Dayeon

Jung Dayeon, fitness beauties

Everybody seems to like Asian fitness model and fitness trainer Jung Da-yeon, so here is another picture of her.
Did I mention in the last entry about her that she was born on November 27th 1966?
And also that before these pics, she had given birth to two children?

If you want to find out more about her, visit her website here:
Be warned though, it's in Japanese and Korean.

posted to, August 11th, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Personal Trainer, Julie Comer

Julie Comer, fitness model, personal trainerThis young lady is Julie Comer, a NASM certified personal trainer that according to her BodySpace page, wants to become a female fitness model.
I think she's already there.
Julie started out training when she hit 175 pounds after a knee injury and look at her now.
Another example that you CAN reach your goals.
You can find out more about Julie at her website:
Or check out her Bodyspace page here:

Julie Comer certified personal trainer

Lisa Cheng, Another Look

Lisa Cheng

Here's another look at the beautiful Lisa Cheng, aka "The Hong Kong Spider Woman".

I can't find a lot of info on Lisa except for her contest history:

Asian Championships (2007) - Women Body Fitness 160cm, 7th place
Asian Championships (2007) - Women Fitness 160cm 4th place
Asian Championships (2008) - Women Body Fitness, 3rd place
Asian Championships (2008) - Women Fitness 160cm, 4th place

I really wish I knew if she was thinking about continuing with her MMA training.

Posted by Sabre to on August 4th, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tanji Johnson Updates

Tanji Johnson

I said in my last entry on the beautiful IFBB fitness pro Tanji Johnson that even though her American Gladiator name was Stealth, I bet you wouldn't have a hard time seeing her.

Well I was right, at the 2009 IFBB Arnold Classic, Tanji came in 16th place.

And the website LA Muscle TV has a two part feature up on this young lady that you can see here:

Watching her practice her routine in the second part of that feature, I couldn't help but think what a MMA fighter she would make.
Of course right now her plate is full enough as a personal trainer and fitness coach.
But how awesome would Tanji Johnson versus Gina Carano be?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Linda Minard

linda minard fitness

I did a write up not long ago on the lovely South Korean star Linda Minard.
I mentioned that she got her Pro Card at the 2008 FAME Canadian Nationals.
Well here is a picture of the beautiful Linda in contest shape.
I thought she looked fit in her other pics but wow!
The next stop for Linda is the FAME World Championships in Montreal.
And Linda appeared in the Oxygen Magazine "Abs Special" Issue.
Looking at her abs, is there any wonder why?

You can find out more about Linda at her website here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top Ten Asian Fitness Women for June

Based on searches, here are the top ten Asian Fitness Women on this blog.
This is all based on who was looked for the most here.

1. Monique Minton
Yes, the beautiful half filipinia, half polish model Monique Minton, came in at number one, hands down.

2. Tanji Johnson
Personal trainer, NPC Promoter and writer Tanji Johnson came in at number two.

3. Karen Pang
Canadian born Fitness Competitor and Fitness Model Karen Pang in at number three.

4. Linda Minard
This Korean actress and fitness model came in at number four.

5. Satoko Shinashi
Female Japanese mixed martial arts fighter, Satoko Shinashi.

6. Jung Young Ji
South Korean female Bodybuilder Jung Young Ji comes in at number six.

7. Lisa Cheng
Lovely bodybuilder and rock climber Lisa Cheng from China, in at number seven.

8. MC Barao
Beautiful Philippine fitness star MC Barao comes in at number eight.

9. Aki Nishimoto
Japanese female bodybuilder Aki Nishimoto ranks in at number nine.

10. Michelle Jin
And rounding out the top ten is Asian-American female bodybuilder Michelle Jin.

Quite a change from when I did this list back in May.
Satoko Shinashi dropped from number 1 to number 4.
Monique Minton went from number 2 to number 1.
Aki Nishimoto dropped from number 5 to number 9.
And the rest of the last list's member have totally fallen off the chart.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner, fitness, personal trainer

Jackie Warner was born on August 17, 1968 in Fairborn, Ohio.
She is a fitness trainer, probably best known for her work on Work Out, a Bravo TV reality show.
Jackie owns Sky Sport and Spa, a gym and spa in Beverly Hills that she opened in 2002, and an outrageous set of abs.

Besides being a professional personal trainer, Jackie has done work as a model, actress, and script coordinator for Warner Brothers.
Before becoming a fitness star, she founded and co-owned a company in the cellular phone industry that went on to become the third top-grossing cellular phone company in Southern California.

As an actress, she appeared in the Irish comedy TV series "Killinaskully".

You can visit Jackie's website here: