Saturday, April 3, 2010

Asian Female Bodybuilder Videos on YouTube

Instead of posting pictures and info this time, I thought I'd do a little something different and post some Asian female bodybuilder videos.
So here are some videos I found on YouTube of Asian fitness beauties Tomoko Kanda, Xin Li Cao, Mi-Hee You and Suki Bangs.

First up is Chinese-American bodybuilder "Lili" Xin Li Cao.
I have said many times on here how much I like her.
She seems to be a person that would be a lot of fun to hang around, and despite her size, she just looks so darn cute!
This video was posted by ftvideo, and you can check out their YouTube channel here:

Next up is Korean bodybuilder Mi-Hee You.
This video was posted by shmhy on YouTube, and you can visit their channel here:

The next video is of Japanese female bodybuilder Tomoko Kanda.
This one was posted by thegoz1, and you can check out that channel here:

And finally we have a video of Asian female fitness star Suki Bangs posing.
This video was posted by bah54321 and you can visit that channel here: