Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jamie Eason - R4TJA5UHN8F2

Jamie Eason-fitness

Who doesn't like Jamie Eason?
She's very popular on the internet, and she seems to be a very nice young lady, who actually goes into forums and posts.
To get into the incredible shape you see here, Jamie used a personal trainer and nutritionist.
It looks like it really paid off.
I can't really find much on her in the way of contest history....
Maybe someone out there can tell us where she has competed.

Besides being a fitness model, she is a computer software consultant.
Jamie has been on the cover of Oxygen Magazine twice.

Fawnia Mondey - 7ecd011988ea46fab12977942ecdfc58

Fawnia Mondey

Fawnia Mondey (Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich) was born in September 24th,1975, in Kamloops, BC Canada.
She has appeared in Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Oxygen, MuscleMag International, American Curves, and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness.
Fawnia is a dance instructor, fitness model, producer, actress and columnist.
Ever notice how these ladies diversify?

Contest History:
1st Canada's Edmonton Champion 95/96
1st Canada's Western Champion 95/96
1st Canada's Rookie of the Year 95/96
3rd Miss Hawaiian Topic - British Columbia, Canada 97and 99
1st place 1999 Muscle & Fitness Mania Women's Lightweight Bodybuilding
2nd place 2003 BC Championships Figure – short
5th place 2003 Sophie’s Swimwear Pageant
9th place 2004 Canadian Nationals Figure – medium
3rd Place 2005 Emerald Cup Figure 5’3” - 5’4”
2005 NPC Pittsburgh Amateur & Pro Show – up to 5’4”

And this lady also wrestles.
No not for the WWE, she REALLY wrestles as in she got 4th place at the FreeStyle Wrestling B.C. Provincials in 1993.

And if she still looks familiar and you don't know why, she's appeared in "The Outer Limits", "The X Files" and "Millennium".

Allison Frahn

Allison Frahn-fitness

Awhile back I did a write up on the lovely K.L. Frahn.
Well here is her sister, the equally beautiful Allison Frahn.
Allison was born on September 27, 1980 in Nanuet, NY.
She definitely has a ripped lean look, and if you go to her website and check out her bio, you'll see that this young woman overcame a tremendous obstacle to get to where she is today.
It's a very inspiring story.
Besides doing figure competitions and being a fitness model, she has a BA in Communication from the University of Delaware.

Contest History:
2004 NBI Tri-State - 1st Place in the Figure Short.
2005 INBF Naturalmania - 1st Place Figure
2005 WNBF Pro World Champs - 3rd Place Figure Short
2005 WNBF Pro World Champs - 2nd Place (Best Body)
2006 WNBF Pro Natural Cup - 4th Place Figure Short.
2006 WNBF Pro World Champs - 2nd Place Figure Short
2007 WNBF Pro World Champs - 4th Place Figure Short.
2008 WNBF World Championships - 2nd Place Figure Short.
2008 WNBF Kansas City Pro International - 2nd Place Figure

Fitness Model and Competitor, Laura Coleman

Laura Coleman is an up and coming fitness model and competitor.
She's 5'7" and weighs 127.
I was only able to find two competitions Laura has been in, she placed 4th at the 2005 Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships, Class F and she came in 1st in Figure F at the 2007 Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships.
Laura has appeared in Oxygen, Ironman, Muscle Mag and Muscular Development.
And as far as I can tell, she is in a relationship with retired IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Eryk Bui.

NPC Figure Competitor Jodie Minear

NPC Figure Competitor Jodie Minear

This stunning young lady is NPC figure competitor Jodie Minear.
Not only has Jodie got a great physique, but those piercing green eyes could stop anyone in their tracks.
Jodie appeared in the 2009 FLEX Swimsuit Issue.

Contest History:
2008 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic, Figure: Overall, Figure: Class D (1st)
2008 NPC Figure Nationals Figure: Class F (2nd)

Figure Competitor Jodie Minear

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Melissa Merritt

Melissa Merritt, fitness

This sleek and muscled 25 year old from Austin, Texas is Melissa Merritt.
Melissa won the Figure Overall title in Las Vegas at the Fitness America World Championships on November 21, 2008.
Melissa just ran a Fitness Bootcamp with fellow fitness stars Abby Marie and Brenda Mikalajunas.
Abby Marie is also being trained by Melissa.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Karen Zaremba

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Stay at home Mom, IFBB Bodybuilder, former IFBB Figure Pro and fitness model Karen Zaremba.
Karen was born on January 27, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan.

Contest History:
2003- Michigan Novice Bodybuilding championships- overall
2004- Central States Figure championships- overall
2005- Junior USA's - third place Class A
2005- Junior Nationals- third place class A
2005- NPC National Figure Championships- second place class A, earned IFBB pro card
2007 Europa Super Show - 8th place lightweights