Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Top Ten Asian Fitness Beauties for February

Here are the top ten Asian fitness beauties for this blog for February.
As usual, it's a varied list with a couple of "old school" choices here, but this is the first time I think a female wrestler has come in at the top spot.
I've been trying to figure out which is more popular here, female fitness competitors, bodybuilders, figure competitors or fitness models, but it looks like there is no real trend either way.
So without further ado, here are the tip ten Asian fitness women for February....

angela fong - asian fitness women

1. Angela Fong
Canadian model, actress, professional wrestling valet and female wrestler Angela Fong came in at number one this time.
Angela was born on February 3, 1985 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
This former B.C Lions Felions Dance Team Cheerleader was signed by the WWE to a developmental contract in February 2008.
She was sent to the WWE's developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) and started out as a valet, but made her way into the ring.
Angela was the very first "Queen of FCW" before being moved up to the main WWE roster and having her ring name changed to Savannah.
While we all know that pro wrestling is scripted, let's remember that you have to be in shape to take the punishment these ladies take in the ring.
She's been getting a lot of press lately for appearing the direct to DVD film RATKO: The Dictator's Sun, done before she joined the WWE.

monique minton - asian female fitness

2. Monique Minton
A constant favorite here, Monique Minton came in at number two.
In 2009, Monique came in 1st place at the NPC USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships.
And since she stands five foot ten, weighs in at 150 pounds and is a competitive grappling champion in Naga gi and no-gi, I keep wondering if we will see this gorgeous fitness model show up in maybe a MMA promotion like Strikeforce here soon.

rebekah kresila - asian women bodybuilders

3. Rebekah Kresila
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, amateur bodybuilder Rebekah Kresila came in at number three.
Besides being a bodybuilder, she's also a certified personal trainer and has training as a classical pianist.
And she does some arm wrestling and mixed wrestling.

denise paglia - asian women bodybuilder - denise paglia pics

4. Denise Paglia
Former ESPN beauty Denise Paglia may not be all over the net, but she's still popular enough to come in at number four here.
This certified AFAA fitness trainer appeared on ESPN's Fitness Beach, Cyberfit and Bodyshaping.
She came in 5th at the 1995 Fitness Olympia, 20th at the 1993 Fitness America Pageant and 5th at the 1995 Fitness Olympia.
Denise, if you're out there, obviously we still love you!

karen pang - asian female fitness models - karen pang fitness

5. Karen Pang
Beautiful fitness competitor, fitness model and swimsuit model Karen Pang came in at number five.
In 2009 this fitness beauty came in 11th at the CBBF Canadian Figure & Fitness Nationals, 3rd at the CBBF BC Provincial Championships, 8th at the Bikini Universe and 2nd at the WBFF BC Championships.
And besides being gorgeous, she's a really nice person and one of the top people on my Twitter account!

jung dayeon - asian female fitness model

6. Jung Da-yeon
Korean fitness model, fitness trainer, author and occasional actress Jung Da-yeon came in at number six.
Her website is still up and running and updated, but it's in Korean and Japanese.

meriza deguzman - asian fitness competitors

7. Meriza DeGuzman
Coming in at number seven is the lovely Filipina IFBB figure competitor, fitness model and certified personal trainer Meriza DeGuzman.
At just under five feet tall, she is the little package that good things come in.
In 2009 she added to her already impressive contest history.
She came in 7th at the IFBB Sacramento, 8th at the IFBB Border States Pro Figure, 15th at the IFBB Olympia, 3rd at the IFBB Houston Pro Figure, 3rd at the IFBB Europa Super Show & Supplement Expo and 4th at the IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships.
AND she appeared in the March 2009 issue of Flex magazine.

aki nishimoto - asian fitness women

8. Aki Nishimoto
Japanese female bodybuilder Aki Nishimoto came in at number eight.
Having won the Ms Japan bodybuilding contest in 1997, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, dominant is a good way to describe her.
She also came in 9th at the World Games of Bodybuilding, Duisburg in 2005.

akane nigro - asian female fitness

9. Akane Nigro Ismeal
At number nine we have IFBB Figure Pro Akane Nigro Ismeal.
Akane won 1st place in Figure Class A at the 2009 NPC USA Championships and she got her Pro Card.
Expect to see a lot more of this young lady.

dale tomita - asian fitness blog

10. Dale Tomita
And rounding out the top ten is another blast from the past, Dale Tomita.
This beautiful former fitness competitor was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1964 and is of Japanese-American descent.
Dale came in 5th at the 1995 Fitness Olympia, 4th at the 1996 Fitness Olympia and 5th at the 1997 Fitness Olympia.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chisato Mishima - Asian Fitness Beauty

Asian fitness beauty Chisato Mishima was (and as far as I know still is ) the first Japanese aerobic athlete to compete in the IFSB Ms. Fitness and IFBB Ms. Fitness Professional female fitness competitions.
She was born in Nagoya, Japan on November 17, 1967.
Chisato was always big in sports, becoming a Japan national gymnastics champion during high school.
After graduating with a degree in sociology, she moved to Tokyo and became went into teaching fitness training at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.
During the first half of the nineties, she became one of Japan's top aerobic competitors.
Around 1995, she moved to London to compete in the European Ms. Fitness women's fitness competition.
While she was in London, she coached several top English and European bodybuilders and taught aerobics at the famous Earls Court Gym.
Chisato qualified for the World Championships to be held in the U.S. and moved to San Diego in 1997.
After competing there, she visited Nice in the South of France to represent Japan in the Ms. Fitness Olympia.
Upon getting her degree in exercise physiology, Chisato moved back to Nagoya.
Then, after retiring from fitness competition, she became a Jodo Instructor at the Haruyoshi Kobudo Dojo in Nagoya, Japan.
Okay, I didn't misspell Judo there...Jodo is a Japanese martial art using short staffs, similar to bōjutsu.

Here are a couple of videos I found on YouTube of Chisato that were done back in 2006, that were posted by jfkcotter

And here is another (also posted by jfkcotter) called "Chisato Mishima - Introduction by the sea"

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