Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Allison Frahn

Allison Frahn-fitness

Awhile back I did a write up on the lovely K.L. Frahn.
Well here is her sister, the equally beautiful Allison Frahn.
Allison was born on September 27, 1980 in Nanuet, NY.
She definitely has a ripped lean look, and if you go to her website and check out her bio, you'll see that this young woman overcame a tremendous obstacle to get to where she is today.
It's a very inspiring story.
Besides doing figure competitions and being a fitness model, she has a BA in Communication from the University of Delaware.

Contest History:
2004 NBI Tri-State - 1st Place in the Figure Short.
2005 INBF Naturalmania - 1st Place Figure
2005 WNBF Pro World Champs - 3rd Place Figure Short
2005 WNBF Pro World Champs - 2nd Place (Best Body)
2006 WNBF Pro Natural Cup - 4th Place Figure Short.
2006 WNBF Pro World Champs - 2nd Place Figure Short
2007 WNBF Pro World Champs - 4th Place Figure Short.
2008 WNBF World Championships - 2nd Place Figure Short.
2008 WNBF Kansas City Pro International - 2nd Place Figure

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