Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fitness Beauty - Sasha Brown

Sasha Brown
This striking young lady is Anna Tkachenko, aka Sasha Anna Brown or just Sasha Brown.
Whatever you call her, this five foot six, one hundred and twenty two pound fitness beauty from the Ukraine is a NPC figure competitor, ISSA certified personal trainer and fitness model.
And she has studied Jujutsu for over six years.
You know I keep expecting to see a sudden surge of female fitness stars going into MMA, but that hasn't happened....yet.
Besides fitness, Sasha has a degree in computer science and business management.
And is looking to get more degrees in kinesiology and sports nutrition.
In her second NPC figure competition, Sasha took first place and overall.

Here's a video I thought was pretty cool of Sasha doing a little mixed arm wrestling, posted by KrivStudiosBlog

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