Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Adela Garcia

I did a write up on IFBB professional fitness competitor Adela Garcia way back in April of 2007.
So after three years, isn't it about time for another one?

Adela was born on December 1st, 1971, in Cabrera, Dominican Republic and then her family moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico when she was eight years old.
She played softball, volleyball, and basketball when she was in school. then started weight training at seventeen.

Before Adela got her IFBB pro card, she competed in numerous events....

1995 NPC Europa Sports Fitness Championship - 2nd place
1996 NPC National Fitness Championship - 12th place
1996 NPC Pennsylvania Fitness Championship - 4th place
1998 NPC USA Fitness Championship - 9th place (short class)
1998 NPC National Fitness Championship - 8th place (short class)
1998 IFBB North American Fitness Championship - 6th place (short class)
1998 NPC Junior National Fitness Championship - 2nd place (short class)

When Adela won the the NPC USA Fitness Championships in 1999, she got her pro card and went on to compete in many events, getting first place at the 2002 IFBB New York Pro Fitness, the 2002 IFBB Atlantic States Pro Fitness, the 2002 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Fitness, the 2003 IFBB New York Pro Fitness, the 2004 IFBB Fitness International, the 2004 IFBB Fitness Olympia, the 2006 IFBB Fitness International, the 2005 IFBB Sacramento Pro Fitness, the 2006 IFBB Fitness International, the 2006 IFBB Fitness Olympia, the 2007 IFBB Europa Super and the 2007 IFBB Fitness Olympia.

But as the late Billy Mays used to say "That's not all!"
Adela took off a couple of years and came back in a big way winning the 2009 IFBB Europa Super Show & Supplement Expo and the 2009 IFBB Olympia.
So fourteen years after coming in second at the 1995 NPC Europa Sports Fitness Championship, she wins two of the biggest fitness competitions in the world!
This five foot one, 110 pound fitness beauty is amazing to say the least.
And I didn't mention that Adela was recently named number one on the IFBB's list of the top 100 fitness competitors.

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