Friday, December 26, 2008

Yvonne Bates, Female Fitness Competitor

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Beautiful Cambodian Female Fitness Competitor and Model Yvonne Bates.
Okay, Yvonne isn't just a fitness competitor and fitness model, she also has her personal trainer certification.
And she has an impressive list of competitions under her belt so to speak,

2003-1st place, Short Division, Gold Classic in Kansas City. 1st place, Short Division, NPC in Kansas City. 3rd place, Pro Division, WNBF World Championship in New York.
2004-2nd place, Natural American Classic in Austin, TX. 1st place, WNBF Northeast Classic in Worcester, MA. 1st place, Natural Caribbean Grand Prix in the Grand Cayman Islands, 2nd place, WNBF World Championship in New York City.
2005-2nd place, WNBF Pro Natural International and 7th place at the WNBF Pro Natural Northeast Figure Championships.
2006- 2nd place, WNBF Pro Natural Caribbean Figure Championships.
2007- 3rd place, WNBF Bluffs Classic Figure Championships and 4th place, Ms/Mr. International Kansas City Golds Classic.

You can visit her website for a lot more info and pictures here:

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